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The lives of a formerly-famous writer and his wife are disrupted when a famous and very self-indulgent author comes to stay with them
Release Date: 9 March 2018

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  1. Jay

    I cannot download this… Always redirecting me to a file.. Why so difficult?

    1. Admin

      Download it from the File

    2. Bonga Sibiya


  2. Abby

    I’m unable to watch this movie after downloading, pls tell me the video player to use

    1. Bonga Sibiya


  3. Abby

    Hi, I downloaded catching feelings not long but I couldn’t watch it on my phone…pls tell me the video player I can use

    1. Admin

      Catching Feelings shouldn’t require a video player but we always recommend VLC. You can try using VLC

  4. Sam

    Thank you South Africa. Mncwaaaaaaa

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