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A girl with extraordinary psychic abilities joins two gifted teen boys at a small ghost-hunting agency to fight the many deadly spirits haunting London.


Status : Complete

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Season 1

Episode 4 (Fixed)

Episode 5(Fixed)

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  1. Veronica

    Pls upload battle through the heaven (Chinese movie)
    The flower in prison (kdrama)

  2. Adex

    Please post banshee

  3. Jeric25

    Fix the episode 5 please

    1. Adminn

      It has been fixed…thanks for your patience

  4. Andri

    Lockwood Episode 5 is missing

    1. Adminn

      It has been fixed

  5. Lekan

    Please re-upload episode 5, it has national treasure instead

  6. MahBlue

    Good morning, episode 5 has the wrong link, could you correct it please.

  7. operaking

    Episode 5 is national treasure

  8. Dekoy Ayomi

    Episode 5 is national treasure

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