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Na Bong-Sun (Park Bo-Young) works as an assistant chef. Because of her timid personality and low self-esteem, she doesn’t have any friends. Since she was a child, she has been able to ghosts because of her shaman grandmother. One day, she becomes possessed by seductress ghost Shin Soon-Ae.

Kang Sun-Woo (Cho Jung-Seok) is a star chef. Na Bong-Sun has a secret crush on him. He is good looking and confident as a chef. Even though he is popular with women, he has yet to get over his ex-girlfriend. He begins to notice Na Bong-Sun after her sudden change.


Oh My Ghost-Park Bo-Young.jpg Oh My Ghost-Cho Jung-Seok.jpg Oh My Ghost-Lim Ju-Hwan.jpg Oh My Ghost-Kim Seul-Gi.jpg Oh My Ghost-Park Jung-Ah.jpg
Park Bo-Young Cho Jung-Seok Lim Ju-Hwan Kim Seul-Gi Park Jung-Ah
Na Bong-Sun Kang Sun-Woo Choi Sung-Jae Shin Soon-Ae Lee So-Hyeong
Oh My Ghost-Kang Ki-Young.jpg Choi Min-Chul Oh My Ghost-Kwak Si-Yang.jpg Oh My Ghost-Oh Eui-Sik.jpg Oh My Ghost-Lee Dae-Yeon.jpg
Kang Ki-Young Choi Min-Chul Kwak Si-Yang Oh Eui-Sik Lee Dae-Yeon
Heo Min-Soo Jo Dong-Cheol Seo Joon Choi Ji-Woong Shin Myeong-Ho
Oh My Ghost-Shin Hye-Sun.jpg Oh My Ghost-Shin Eun-Kyung.jpg Lee Jung-Eun Oh My Ghost-Lee Hak-Joo.jpg Oh My Ghost-Park Jun-Mok.jpg
Shin Hye-Sun Shin Eun-Kyung Lee Jung-Eun Lee Hak-Joo Park Jun-Mok
Kang Eun-Hee Jo Hye-Young Seobinggo Shin Gyeong-Mo Kang Sun-Woo (teen)
Oh My Ghost-Goo Jae-Yee.jpg Oh My Ghost-Jo Han Chul.jpg Oh My Ghost-Tae Hang-Ho.jpg Oh My Ghost-Bae-Yoo-Ram.jpg Oh My Ghost-Kim Hwan-Hee.jpg
Goo Jae-Yee Jo Han-Chul Tae Hang-Ho Bae Yoo-Ram Kim Hwan-Hee
Wang Joo (ep.1) Doctor Hong (ep.5) Yoon Cheol-Min (ep.6) PD (ep.7) Jae-Hee (ep.8)
Oh My Ghost-Ryoo Hyoun-Kyoung.jpg Oh My Ghost-Ray Yang.jpg Oh My Ghost-Seo In-Guk.jpg
Ryoo Hyoun-Kyoung Ray Yang Seo In-Guk
Police Officer Kang (ep.13-14) Hye-Jin (ep.14) Chef Edward Seo (ep.16)

Status : Complete

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