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“Playful Kiss” is a romantic-comedy covering the romance between Baek Seung-Jo (Kim Hyun-Joong), an arrogant young man with a genius IQ, and Oh Ha-Ni (Jung So-Min), a ditzy young woman who gets poor grades, but whose heart is as powerful as Seung-Jo’s mind.

The series is based off from a Taiwanese drama and a Japanese manga book. It is call “It Started With a Kiss.” It is about a girl in F class that falls in love with an A class boy. She liked him since the first year of high school. Once, she decided to tell him she likes him but was rejected. So the sto


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Mischievous Kiss-Kim Hyun-Joong.jpg Mischievous Kiss-Jung So-Min.jpg Mischievous Kiss-Lee Tae-Sung.jpg
Kim Hyun-Joong Jung So-Min Lee Tae-Seong
Baek Seung-Jo Oh Ha-Ni Bong Joon-Gu
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Mischievous Kiss-Hong Yoon-Hwa.jpg Mischievous Kiss-Yun Seung-Ah.jpg Mischievous Kiss-Jang Ah-Young.jpg Mischievous Kiss-Kang Nam-Kil.jpg Mischievous Kiss-Jung Hye-Young.jpg Mischievous Kiss-Moon Hee-Won.jpg
Hong Yun-Hwa Yoon Seung-Ah Lee Hee-Won Kang Nam-Kil Jung Hye-Young Moon Hee-Won
Jung Ju-Ri Dok Ko Min-Ah Hong Jang-Mi Oh Gi-Dong Hwang Keum-Hee Vice Principle Hwang
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Mischievous Kiss-Oh Kyung-Soo.jpg Mischievous Kiss-Hwang Hyo-Eun.jpg Mischievous Kiss-Song Yong-Sik.jpg Mischievous Kiss-Lee Si-Young.jpg Mischievous Kiss-Choi Won-Hong2.jpg Mischievous Kiss-Choi Seong-Guk.jpg
Oh Kyung-Soo Hwang Hyo-Eun Kang Doo Lee Si-Young Choi Won-Hong Choi Sung-Guk
Baek Soo-Chang Song Kang-Yi Song Ji-Oh Yun Hye-Ra Baek Eun-Jo Wang Kyeong-Soo

Status : Complete

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Episode 16 (END)

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